Maternal Health Infographic

Its time to join together to expand the sense of urgency in global public health beyond communicable diseases to the diseases and injuries which in modern times can easily be treated by health workers trained in low-technology surgical interventions. Here is how you can get involved:

Sign the petition for Essential Surgery

Sign up for alerts on the Essential Surgery Website

Make sure your organization is taking part in the 15X15 campaign and represented on the 15X15 platform

Share our infographics and vignettes, fact sheets, and updates on social media (twitter, facebook…) using our hashtags

Donate and support the training of a medical officer to learn to perform an essential surgery – EXAMPLE – pick a procedure

Host a screening of the Right to Heal

Lend your support so that  government, civil society, professional associations and the private sector unite to call for:

Predictable, adequate funding from international and local sources

Political leadership and champions

Technological innovation within an effective delivery system, at a sustainable price

Technical consensus about the appropriate biomedical or public health approach

Good management on the ground

 Effective use of information (ie, metrics)

For more information on how to become a part of this global movement please email