GlobalSurg and How to Get Involved

With over 200 million surgical operations per year worldwide, emergency surgery represents an internationally important marker of health capacity. The GlobalSurg study aims to identify variation in outcome of emergency intra-abdominal surgery across international borders.

The outcomes of this study will help inform and guide health quality improvement strategies surgery on a global scale.

Any hospital in the world performing acute general surgery can participate. All collaborators, following data submission are intended to be included as PubMed citable co-authors on any final publications. This model of authorship has been used before and recognizes the achievements of each individual at every level.

GlobalSurg is a multi-centre, international, prospective cohort study. Any hospital in the world performing emergency intra-peritoneal surgery is eligible to enter. The primary aim of this study is to identify internationally relevant, modifiable surgical practices (in terms of modifiable process, equipment and clinical management) associated with best care. The primary outcome measure is simple, the 24 hour peri-operative mortality, reducing  the workload and complexity for collaborators. Thirty day mortality will be used as the secondary outcome. The data collection period will run between July and November 2014, with data collection possible at any point within this time frame.

The GlobalSurg project will empower all surgeons, doctors and medical students to engage with a truly international project. Get involved and go global.

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