Associate Members

  • nktakiyiruta_full
    • Dr. Ntakiyiruta Georges
    • Rwanda

    University of Rwanda
    Simulation and Skills Centre
    Educational Committee of the Rwanda Surgical Society

    Dr Ntakiyiruta Georges is a General Surgeon and Senior Lecturer in Surgery, serving as the Academic Head of the Department of Surgery, University of Rwanda. He is Medical Director of the Simulation and Skills Centre, where he is Course Director in Essential Surgical Skills. As Chair of the Educational Committee of the Rwanda Surgical Society, he organizes and leads courses in Trauma Patient Management. Dr. Georges worked at Kibogora Hospital for many years, prior to joining the University.

  • mohamed_labib
    • Professor Mohamed Labib
    • School of Medicine, University of Namibia

    Professor Mohamed Labib is the Head of the Surgery Department, School of Medicine, University of Namibia. Born in Cairo, Egypt, by 1986 he received his Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery, MBBCH, and Masters Degree in Urology, from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt, earning his FCS (ECSA) in 2002, and FRCS (Ed.) in 2004. Professor Labib holds a Fellowship in Urology from the International College of Surgeons and is married.

  • ices
    • Dr. Andres Carot
    • Argentina

    Doctors without Borders

    Dr. Andres Carot, is a General Surgeon performing life saving and essential surgery for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – Doctors Without Borders, since 2009 and has worked in Nigeria, Haiti, Yemen, Somaliland, Afghanistan, India, Syria, Sierra Leone and South Sudan, so far.

  • donagogo_full
    • Dr. Donagogo Otonye
    • Nigeria

    Gbeye Hospital and Maternity
    Association of Rural Surgical Practitioners of Nigeria

    Dr. Donagogo Otonye is the Medical Director of Gbeye Hospital and Maternity, a 20 bed hospital furnished with fairly good medical equipment located in Omoku, a small community in an oil producing area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Dr. Otonye’s wife, who is a retired nurse/midwife with nursing administration training, is the acting Director of Administration. Staffed by 3 full time doctors, 1 doing locum, 1 laboratory scientist and 2 medical laboratory technicians, they are making marks in the field of medicine.

  • jesuyajoluj
    • Dr. Paul Jesuyajolu
    • Nigeria

    First Graceland Hospital
    Association of Rural Surgical Practitioners of Nigeria

    Dr. Paul Jesuyajolu is a resourceful goal-getter; practicing family medicine at First Graceland Hospital, and a member of Arspon. He is a goal-driven, compassionate and accountable professional with over 20 years of management experience in a fast-pace healthcare setting, with a strong interest in health policy and disease prevention. As an adaptable administrator accustomed to the integration of new healthcare delivery systems, restructuring of work, and a complex regulatory environment; he manages personnel, finances, operations and planning.

  • clarke
    • Dr. Damian Clarke
    • South Africa

    Grey’s Hospital
    Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Surgical Service

    Dr. Damian Clarke is Principal Surgeon in charge of trauma, Grey’s Hospital and Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Surgical Service. Dr. Clarkes’ prior positions include; Consultant Surgeon and Lecturer in Surgery, Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine and Addington Hospital; Registrar for the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; Principal Medical Officer, Department of Surgery, Addington Hospital; Registrar, Department of Surgery, Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine; Medical Officer, King Edward VIII Hospital; and Internship, Addington Hospital.

  • photo
    • Dr. C Anne Morrison
    • Tanzania/USA

    Touch Foundation
    Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery
    Baylor College of Medicine, Global Health Corps

    Dr. C. Anne Morrison is an instructor at the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery and a physician in the BCM Global Health Corps. Sponsored by and working under Touch Foundation leadership, she practices general surgery and teaches at the mid-level provider level in Sengerema Designated District Hospital, a 250-bed hospital in rural Tanzania. Her current research focus is on cost-effective methods for improving surgical outcomes and developing an educational model for training non-physician health care workers in rural sub-Saharan Africa.