What are Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs)?

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Neglected surgical diseases, as introduced in The Right to Heal, are surgical conditions that have a public health burden for which cost-effective solutions exist today. They impose an enormous burden on society, causing profound isolation, social stigma, enormous suffering, and massive loss of economic output. They are currently not being addressed systematically in public health and are not treated in most primary care and community settings. These conditions are addressed through availability of emergency and essential surgery.

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Without essential surgeries as part of the continuum of primary care, easily remedied conditions become lethal and disabling; these conditions are neglected in the public health domain and needs more attention and worldwide effort.

With the government of Kenya, we are calling for a Decade of Action to Eradicate Neglected Surgical Diseases by 2030.

Join us in the fight for The Right to Heal.

Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs)

Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs)

Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs), include children suffering from untreated clefts and clubfoot; women suffering from an obstetric fistula; and men, women, and children suffering from cataracts, hernias, and neglected trauma and other surgical conditions highlighted by the World Bank’s Disease Control Priorities 3rd edition (DCP3) on Essential Surgery.

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